Wednesday, 2 September 2015


dress - Beyond Retro / bag - vintage Russell and Bromley

Hello all, long time no see! Hope everyone enjoyed their delightfully rainy bank holiday as per?

These photos are from last Saturday when I went to see the Audrey Hepburn exhibition and a look round Brick Lane. If you get a chance to go and see the exhibit I would definitely recommend it, although what I would say try and not look at your reflection in any of the portraits because you will feel very, very ugly. It isn't a large exhibition but it feels really immersive, which sounds ridiculous but is true. It really reinforces why Audrey is such an inspiration for many, including myself.

Following the exhibition I went and looked Brick Lane, which I totally miss whilst I'm up at uni in Birmingham. I have to try and get my vintage shopping fill before I head back up! My dress was purchase at the start of the summer from Beyond Retro's Brighton store and hadn't really gotten round to wear it, so whilst it's stiller relatively warm I was determined I was going to wear it. In theory, it's kind of everything I don't like in  a dress? Pink, drop waist, all things I don't usually like/wear, but I think this dress is just perfect! Maybe proof I should stop being so close minded!

Friday, 7 August 2015

How are we all? Enjoying the sunshine still?

I've been in London the past couple of days, having travelled up to see Cumberbatch's Hamlet. I personally thought it was AMAZING, as an English student I obviously love a bit of theaatreee darling, and think that what this production did so well was the total contrast between the comedic and tragic elements of the play. I would agree that having the whole 'to be or not to be' shizzle right at the play's open took the wind out of it's sails a little,  but I think that was almost the beauty of it, reverting it back to a powerfully delivered piece of dialogue, without having the audience holding their breath waiting for it. I also cannot even describe how incredible the set was, beyond gorgeous, when the curtain lifted there were actual gasps around me!

BUT back to clothes. I wore this little 60s number for trading around London yesterday, which was VERY warm. I used to wear a lot more 60s items/hair than I do now, veering more towards pin up/50s things, so it was nice to have a little change! I do have a lot of love for a mod dress, and even better this one's covered in floral embroidery, two of the faves in one!

dress - To Be Worn Again (kilo sale /  Shoes - Primark / Bag - Cambridge Satchel Company

Watch - Olivia Burton

Monday, 3 August 2015

Summer stockings

These pictures are from the other day when the weather wasn't quite as warm has it was over the past weekend.  I'm disgustingly sunburnt on my shoulders having sat on the pavement for three hours cheering on the pride parade in Brighton, but of course it's an awesome event which I love going to and never fails to make me smile!

I've reached the point now where I'm ready for autumn, I think that's mainly the sunburn speaking though! Autumn is my favourite time of the year because it means wool pencil skirts and stockings, two items which don't really lend themselves to summer dressing. I don't think I will ever get over how much I love pencil skirts and stockings, there's something just feminine about which I love. Anyway, I wore this outfit to the To Be Worn Again kilo sale, which I will update you all on at some point! I'm thinking of taking a couple of pictures and doing a kind of review? I've been going to it nearly every month of the last year and half ISH, as it's pretty close to my hometown. So I thought I may pass along some tips and tricks? Comment if you'd be interested *silence and one of them rolling things from cowboy films*

ANWAY, despite it being cloudy this was still WAY too many layers and I was full of regret by the time I got home.  That being said I will make the most of the summer months while I can, frolicking around in a 50s floral dress isn't really acceptable in November, you know?

 jumper - Zara /  Shirt - Urban Outfitters / Skirt - Vivien of Holloway / Stockings - What katie did

Saturday, 25 July 2015


shirt - H&M via charity shop / skirt - forever21 / belt - ebay 

Hello all, I hope you are enjoying the rain of the british summer, but we had a good run didn't we? This outfit was sported by me to my friend's birthday barbecue. I was channeling a 1940s cabaret singer in a show by the beach. This could really be finished off with a cocktail in a coconut, if i'm being honest. 

Although I do spend a ridiculous amount of time browsing high street stores, I very rarely find things which fit my vintage style, but that's half the fun. I LOVE ME A CHALLENGE. I picked up this skirt in the sale section of forever 21, which i don't actually usually go into, not out of any snobbery, but just because it's so FRICKEN BRIGHT it gives me a headache ha. It only cost me £6 and the print is awesome and bright, I couldn't resist it. 

I'm also sporting my what katie did bra underneath this shirt, which never fails to elicit some odd looks, but I always think it create a more authentic look. I think I might start a #pointyboobsclub, message me if you want to be part of this exclusive club. We can get badges. 

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Dungarees and dots


Hello all and welcome to my first ever blog post! I hope you are all ready for the wild ride that will be 'Ms. Bizarre vintage', here I will be documenting my day-to-day style, shopping habits and any exciting things I may do with my life, although that is unlikely due to the mundane nature of said life, but we can hope.

For my outfit the other day I was channelling some land girls vibes in my latest outfit, having rediscovered these dungarees in my wardrobe (if I had money they'd be Freddie's of Pinewood ones, but we'll have to wait for payday for those!). I am now a total dunga convert, they are the comfiest things ever and OH THE POCKETS. I would recommend to anyone, but do be prepared to match with various toddles you may see out and about!  They're also good on summer days which a bit on the gusty side, removing the stress of wearing a dress in a breeze.

I'm also sporting my Pip Jolley necklace, (see above!) which I won in the British Belles raffle, considering I've been staring longingly and at Pip's website for months now that win was pretty awesome! It's the cutest thing ever and I've been wearing it with preeetttty much everything.

Dunagrees - H&M / Top - Charity Shop / Shoes - Primark

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