Saturday, 25 July 2015


shirt - H&M via charity shop / skirt - forever21 / belt - ebay 

Hello all, I hope you are enjoying the rain of the british summer, but we had a good run didn't we? This outfit was sported by me to my friend's birthday barbecue. I was channeling a 1940s cabaret singer in a show by the beach. This could really be finished off with a cocktail in a coconut, if i'm being honest. 

Although I do spend a ridiculous amount of time browsing high street stores, I very rarely find things which fit my vintage style, but that's half the fun. I LOVE ME A CHALLENGE. I picked up this skirt in the sale section of forever 21, which i don't actually usually go into, not out of any snobbery, but just because it's so FRICKEN BRIGHT it gives me a headache ha. It only cost me £6 and the print is awesome and bright, I couldn't resist it. 

I'm also sporting my what katie did bra underneath this shirt, which never fails to elicit some odd looks, but I always think it create a more authentic look. I think I might start a #pointyboobsclub, message me if you want to be part of this exclusive club. We can get badges. 


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