Wednesday, 2 September 2015


dress - Beyond Retro / bag - vintage Russell and Bromley

Hello all, long time no see! Hope everyone enjoyed their delightfully rainy bank holiday as per?

These photos are from last Saturday when I went to see the Audrey Hepburn exhibition and a look round Brick Lane. If you get a chance to go and see the exhibit I would definitely recommend it, although what I would say try and not look at your reflection in any of the portraits because you will feel very, very ugly. It isn't a large exhibition but it feels really immersive, which sounds ridiculous but is true. It really reinforces why Audrey is such an inspiration for many, including myself.

Following the exhibition I went and looked Brick Lane, which I totally miss whilst I'm up at uni in Birmingham. I have to try and get my vintage shopping fill before I head back up! My dress was purchase at the start of the summer from Beyond Retro's Brighton store and hadn't really gotten round to wear it, so whilst it's stiller relatively warm I was determined I was going to wear it. In theory, it's kind of everything I don't like in  a dress? Pink, drop waist, all things I don't usually like/wear, but I think this dress is just perfect! Maybe proof I should stop being so close minded!


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